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About us

SL Transport is a dynamically developing company that provides transport, forwarding and logistics services. The reason why we operate quickly, efficiently and professionally is that we have chosen only one sector in which we will operate. Our mission is to fulfill every contract - regardless of the amount of costs and losses. At work, we are guided by the only goal - customer satisfaction with cooperation with us. That is why we help those who trust us at every stage of the service - even in case of unexpected difficulties. The safety of the loads entrusted to us is our priority. That is why we have one of the best insurance policies with sufficiently high guaranteed sums. We operate in the main on the basis of long-term contracts with carriers with an established market position.

Our clients are convinced that we provide the highest quality services, we conduct our business honestly and responsibly.
We fully help our clients. Even if the current situation of our client does not bind us under a contract, he can still count on our help.
Competitive price. We stand out from the competition not only by adhering to standards, but also by setting them.

Our fleet

Transport 5 europallets

Dimensions: 360 x 170 x180 h
5 europallets can be loaded
Max 1200 - 1500 kg
Additional equipment ADR

Transport 33 europallets

Dimensions: 1360 x 245 x 285 h
33 europallets can be loaded
Max 24 000 kg
Additional equipment ADR

Transport 10 europallets

Dimensions: 490 x 220 x 250 h
10 europallets can be loaded
Max 1200 - 1500 kg
Additional equipment ADR,

Transport 8 europallets

Dimensions: 420 x 220 x 230 h
8 europallets can be loaded
Max 1200 kg
Additional equipment ADR,

Cooperation - where do we operate?

The countries we work with and where we fulfill all orders can be divided into three groups:

Group one:

Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg.

Group two

Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Belarus

Transport quote

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